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Born: Fostoria, Ohio
High School: Fostoria High Class of 1965
Eastern New Mexico Junior College (now known as Clovis Community College) in Clovis, New Mexico. AA degree in Liberal Arts, 1988.
Eastern New Mexico University - Portales, New Mexico.  GO GREYHOUNDS!!!
Retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1989 (20 years)
Children: I have no children (see below).
Favorite food to eat: Tex-Mex, German, or Italian
Favorite food to cook: I make some AWSOME chicken fijitas and a GREAT black bean soup
Favorite car: My all time favorite car that I have ownded was a 1970 340 Plymouth Duster, favorite car I would like to have 1964 Pontiac GTO..
My five top songs of all times:
1. Light My Fire , The Doors , it was the last song I heard when I was in the San Francisco airport in 1967, boarding a plane for Viet Nam.
2. House of the Rising Sun, The Animals
3. (tie) Walk Away Renee, Left Banke
4. (tie) Pretty Ballernia, Left Banke
5. Elanor Rigby, The Beatles, I actually saw the graveyard in Liverpool years ago and across the street was Father McKenzies house where he was darning his socks VERY COOL!!!!
Favorite city I have lived in (United States): Boston and Seattle are tied with #1, and Albuquerque, New Mexico #2.
Favorite city (outside of the U.S.) Neu Ulm, Germany 
Favorite Color: Blue
Why did I get into radio: I COULDN'T FND A real JOB!! one else would hire me!!
CD's in my CD player: Iron Maiden, Beatles (Rubber Soul cd), Cream, Guess Who, Boston
One of the best vacations I had was when I went to Liverpool, England..Went on the MMT (Magical Mystery Tour) tour of the Beatles homes, and other places..words can't describe the emotions I was feeling then...JUST AWSOME
The most scarest time I ever experienced: It has to be in 2003 when I went in for triple-by pass go through a life changing experience when they take you to the surgery room.
The person I look up to the most: Has to be my Dad, I never told him how much I admired him when he was alive, I am sure he has heard me tell him that these past few years.
The person I miss the most: My son Michael...he was my only chld and he was killed by a drunk driver in 1988, he was in the U.S. Navy on his first cruise he and four others were killed and three others were burnt very badly, I miss him very very much

Michael 1969-1988