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This is a true srory
When I was working at  KICA FM in Clovis, New Mexico, I did a 2 hour specailty show on Saturday night, 10PM till midnight, it was a heavy metal show called "The metal Shop".
One night I recived a call from the Sheriff's office in the next town of  Portales.. The conversation went something like this..
ME: KICA can I help you?
DEPUTY: Yes this is the County sheriffs office in Portales.
ME: What can I do for you?
DEPUTY: We have a prisoner locked up in the "padded" cell and we are listening to your show and  this prisoner said he is a big fan of yours, can you play something for him?
ME: I will see what I can do..thanks for the call..
I thought and thought and finally came up with a song by Lillian Axe called "physocschitzophrnia"..I no sooner started it when I got a call..
ME: KICA can I help uou?
DEPUTY: Yeah it's is me the deputy and thanks for the song.. the prisoner is going nuts hahah
That was my most unusal requests I ever had :)